1. Create a Heat Adjusted Power Account

    On the upper right hand corner of this page, click the sign up button.
    If you want to keep this page open, right click the sign up button and click "open in new tab".

  2. Once you create an account, you should be redirected to the "model" page. Click the "upload" tab.

    The model page is where you can see your heat adjusted power model once you've uploaded rides. To upload rides click the "upload" tab. This should redirect you to a drag and drop file uploader.

  3. Drag your fit files into the box, or click to upload!

    Once you're at the model page, get your FIT files ready. Then either drag your files into the box or click the box to upload your files from a folder on your PC.

  4. Rename your files!

    Once you drag and drop your files, you will be able to rename your rides. The boxes are filled with the default title the heat adjusted power app uses. Once you're done, click upload so we can process your files.

  5. Head back to the ride analysis tab, or the model tab to see your heat adjusted power model!

    Give us just a couple of minutes to process your files and build your model. You should be able to see your model nearly instantly by going to the "model tab".